Final Drawings Test


Trying out some techniques to explain the spaces in my building, the idea for  this one is light.


Working Drawings










These drawings indicate my current (yet changing) project. The plans indicate the circulation through hatched floor pattern, and the sections indicate the spatial relationships within the narrow spaces of the building.

Study Model Pics *updated

Next week schedule

Scheme 1 (candy bar)




Preliminary schemes to be expanded upon.

The first scheme: A box embedded into the face of the mountain. The jagged cliff is peeled back to reveal the smooth face of the box. This narrative reminds me of a candy bar wrapper revealing the rich treat. 

The candy bar scheme.

The second scheme goes without shallow depiction but is still easily explained. This scheme stretches the program into a long box in which the users move the through the space in order to ultimately experience a view from the cliff. This “telescope-like” means of progression through space is accompanied by changes in slope along the floor, eventually reconstituting a datum. I think this scheme must fully integrate all components of the hut (seats, stove and  storage).

A Couple More Things. 1/21

A simple board outlining the topic I plan to research.